Live-in Caregiver

Providing 24/7 care

Did you know that “Nursing Home Placement” does NOT have to be the first option when your loved one can no longer care for themselves at home? The FIRST option can be “Live-In Homecare”. In fact, your loved one NEVER has to leave their home. At Home Quality Care understands that when a client’s wish is to remain in their home for the rest of their life, they should know that it’s possible.

At Home Quality Care's Hershey PA Office provides Live-In Caregivers who provide one-on-one care and supervision around the clock in a clients home. Caregivers support clients ADL’s (“Activities of Daily Living” such as bathing, dressing, medication reminders, etc.) and IADL’s (“Instrumental Activities of Daily Living” such as grocery shopping, transportation to Dr’s appointments, light housekeeping, etc.).

Additional services at no extra cost include checking vital signs, oxygen and nebulizer treatments, glucose testing, simple dressing changes, and Foley catheter care.

Many times At Home Quality Care has seen that when a client is able to stay in their own home with one-on-one care and personal attention, the client does better physically and mentally! Maybe your loved one has memory issues such as the start of Alzheimers Disease or Dementia, or maybe has physical needs such as Congestive Heart Failure or Stroke. Whatever the need is, a Live-In caregiver is trained to care for the client so they can have the best quality of life and remain in their own home.

“This sounds great but how does my loved one pay for these services?” At Home Quality Care provides information for multiple payment sources which include Long Term Care Insurances, Veterans Administration, Reverse Mortgages, Life Insurances and private resources. Also, Medicaid can approve and pay for these services based on your finances and physical needs. In fact, Medicaid could pay up to 100% of your Live-In Caregiver costs at home! For more detailed information on payment sources, please visit our “Paying for Homecare” page under the “Resources” tab.

At Home Quality Care is an Agency Model, responsible for all federal and state taxes, as well as filing all government reports. Caregivers are insured and bonded by the agency, including workers’ compensation should they be injured on the job.

A REGISTRY is an Independent Contractor placement service. The caregiver is responsible for paying all taxes, insurances and workers compensation. However, if these are unpaid, the client could find themselves responsible to pay for back taxes and fines.

If you like what you have read about At Home Quality Care Live-In Services and would like to learn more, a free home visit will be provided by one of our Care Managers. They will assist in assessing the clients needs and making it possible to stay long term in the clients home.