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Hourly and Live-in Homecare


Does your loved one need help while you are at work? Do your parents get confused and have trouble keeping their medications straight? At Home Quality Care will send a caregiver for the number of hours that you determine are needed for care. HOURLY CAREGIVERS ARE PROVIDED IN LACKAWANNA COUNTY ONLY.


Nursing Home Placement does NOT have to be your first option when caring for a loved one! Your FIRST option can be "Live-In Homecare". In face, your loved one may NEVER have to leave their home.

At Home Quality Care Live-In Services is a type of homecare where a caregiver provides one-on-one care and supervision around the clock in the clients home. LIVE-IN CAREGIVERS ARE PROVIDED IN LACKAWANNA COUNTY AND 22 OTHER SURROUNDING COUNTIES.

Agency Vs. Registry

At Home Quality Care is an AGENCY that follows an EMPLOYER MODEL, taking care of all federal and state taxes, as well as filing all government reports. Caregivers are insured and bonded by the Agency including workers' compensation should they be injured on the job.

A REGISTRY is a NON-EMPLOYER MODEL requiring the Client to be the Employer and responsible for all insurance, taxes and filing all government reports. This model is riskier and requires more attention to employment laws.

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